Start Living in the Moment and Stop Worrying

In 30 seconds

To live in the moment means to stay highly focused and concentrated on the present. You have to be mentally strong in your strategies to drive your present. Have little or no concern about your future, nor worry about your past.

You have to sustain the practice of living in the moment. This is great and tough art, but when you follow, it results in a happier, rewarding, and more fulfilling life. You gain control over your emotions that wander around the past for no cause.

It is okay to worry about your past as long as it constructs your present and portrays a brighter and successful future. You have to be consciously aware of the factors that are driving your present.

Here are a couple of ways in which you can refrain yourself worrying about your past or future. By employing these techniques, you will understand better how to align yourselves and live in the moment.

1. Accept the past. Do not try to mend it.

The past is something that will never come back to you for repair works. You don’t get a second similar chance in life. So, do not sit and feel sad for unwarranted circumstances of the past. Think with a maturity that you can never control the events that already occurred. With this attitude in mind, live in the present moment.

2. Stay positive by wearing a smile.

Always keep smiling at heart. With a smile, your self-esteem boosts. Self-esteem and self-reliance also boost by practicing meditation daily. You tend to pay more attention to the task you are pursuing now, in this very moment. With a smile over face and meditation in mind, you also spread positive energy to your surroundings, making your ambiance healthy to work and live in.

3. Appreciate the moment and congratulate yourself.

Assume as if this is the last phase in your life and then live in the moment. Appreciate every second of your work and effort. Envision your progress, and applaud your credits. Give yourself a pat on the back, bagged by constructive feedback and return gifts for extending healthy cooperation and support all along.

4. Stop worrying about tomorrow.

Realize that tomorrow comes only when today is over. Also, note that you don’t really know what is in store in your future. The only gift you have in hand is today, now, and this very moment. So give your best without worrying about tomorrow. Love to do what you are doing now. Enjoy every aspect of your work. This teaches you how to live in the moment on a best effort basis.

5. Change with the changing times.

Think from newer viewpoints. It is okay to learn from mistakes, be it your own mistakes or the mistakes made by others. However, apprehend that yesterday’s solutions and strategies may not work today. Each situation is unique and needs to be dealt with a unique strategy. You keep facing newer obstacles and challenges in life day after day. Encounter them with dignity and courage and help yourself live in the moment.

6. Influence your own self.

You are the best person to take care of yourself. Interact a lot with your inner voice and help yourself understand how to live in the present moment. Exercise decisions that you take care of on your own. Sit in peace and focus on your breathing and the clock ticking. Erase your internal worries and keep aside your addictions and carvings. Do not also let external factors influence you. Live now as if there is no more next.

7. Set yourself busy and race your mind.

Schedule your daily tasks. Fit in your ad-hoc tasks. Keep yourself engaged with tasks that you need to handle on the personal and professional front. Race your mind in a way that you live up to give your best at the moment, without having to break for a second, worrying about your yesterday or your tomorrow.

8. Shift your anxieties from mind to air.

Make a list of all your worries on a piece of paper and burn down the paper into ashes. Let them not chase you now. Speak to your anxieties and tell them you will give them time later. Live in the moment and deliver your finest art. If required, step into nature to find peace and work with utmost dedication.

9. Spend time with your own self.

Cook your favorite dish, eat your favorite foods, shop your favorite items, and execute all your favorites. Do all those activities that make you happy. Also, do activities that interest you most. Engage yourself for yourself in giving the best of yourself.

To conclude, a traveling mind is generally unproductive and uncreative in nature. You know that one thought doesn’t end with it. It stretches to a series of thoughts, usually endless cornering you towards ill health by mind and body. It is, therefore, important that you practice mindfulness and master the art of living in the moment. Doing so lets you move on in life.

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