8 Practices for a Healthy Springtime Transition

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Studies have shown that spring not only boosts our mood, it also ignites our creativity and leaves us open to new ideas.

That’s why spring is the perfect time to work on your most important project of all: yourself. Even if you’ve fallen off the self-care wagon this winter, there is still plenty you can do to get back on track to total wellness.

These Springtime practices will help you regain a sense of lightness in the body and mind, reduce cold and congestion, eliminate allergies and increase the motivation and energy in your life.  There are many options so I would suggest choosing the ones that resonate with you the most and pertain to your specific needs at this time.

1. Wake Up Early

One of the best practices to help shed the heavy qualities of winter is to wake with the sun’s first rays — infusing the day with bright, clear, light and subtle energy. Sip on hot water with lemon to ignite your digestive fire.

As spring approaches, one of our best wellness tips is this: start waking up earlier. You’ll have so much more time to get your day started. You’ll also have more hours of daylight in general, freeing you up to read, exercise, relax with a cup of tea, and do whatever you please.

2. Move More, Sit Less

Get outside for a brisk walk, do moderate-vigorous yoga or fit in a workout between 6 and 10 a.m. Exercising in the morning helps awaken your muscles, digestion, circulation and natural detoxification impulses. Research shows going for a walk first thing in the morning can support your circadian rhythm to help you feel more energized during the day and sleep better at night.

3. Eat Lighter

Many people tend to crave sweet, warm, comfort foods in the winter. But spring lends itself to lighter foods that usually have less fat and sweetness. Incorporate more pungent, bitter and astringent flavors and ingredients such as legumes, whole grains, raw greens, sprouts and clear broths and juices.

4. Eat Lots of Fresh Produce

Eating seasonally is the number 1 recommendation ayurveda makes to keep immunity high. Look for what’s popping up at the farmers market, in the garden, and in the produce section of your favorite grocery store.

Vegetables that are just sprouting, or that have been wintered over are in season right now (Think: sprouts, citrus, astringent tender leafy greens, bitter asparagus, spring carrots, herbs and young bitter greens). Vegetables and fruits that are finally able to peek out of the ground with the warmer temperatures are finally ready to show their glory. Enjoy them in lightly steamed greens or add them to grain bowls and salads.

5. Spring clean your mind

Although we are constantly going through physical detoxes in our society, we so rarely are focusing on the toxins that have accumulated in our mind.  As we transition into this time of cleansing and renewal, make some time to detoxify the energy of the mind as well.  This can include meditation, nature walks, bringing awareness to our negative thought patterns, changing our negative thought patterns, processing through repressed feelings and emotions, journaling, art therapy, yoga therapy or whatever may resonate with you.  The most important thing is that you take the time to make the change. 

6. Drink warm, cleansing teas. 

Whether you’re looking to kick a coffee habit, find a healthy energy boost, or detox from all those unhealthy winter choices, a cup of tea can be your best friend.

Depending on the type you get, there are many antioxidants and natural energy boosters in tea that you won’t find in your average cup of joe. It’s the perfect drink for supporting your health as you follow these spring wellness tips for success.

Sipping on warm, digestive teas can be a great compliment to your springtime regimen.  A simple tea is fresh ginger, lemon and honey tea.  Another great option is Tulsi, Turmeric, Ginger Tea; this one is great for seasonal allergies too!  Other good examples include our Healthy Digestion Tea, Detox Tea and  AWAKEN Tea blends.   

7. Protect Yourself from the Sun

Even though it’s exciting when the first warm days of spring come, you can’t forget to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays. Be sure you’re avoiding prolonged periods of direct sunlight and applying plenty of SPF to any exposed skin. It’s also a good idea to get a big-brimmed sunhat and some sunglasses for added protection when you’re outdoors.

8. Keep it Moving

One of the best wellness tips to keep in mind is this: find your favorite way to stay moving. Exercise benefits our bodies in so many ways, and spring is the perfect time to kick-start a new fitness routine.

The trick here is to find something you enjoy doing. This will help you stick with it and start achieving your fitness goals before you know it!

On top of that, exercise also does wonders for your mood. If you’ve been stuck in the winter doldrums (as many of us have been), you can instantly create feel-good endorphins by adding some physical activity to your day.

Try doing some yoga, jogging, swimming, or lifting weights. Once you find something you love, you’ll be heading into spring with some really good habits that will keep you looking (and feeling) your absolute best.

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